Gustav Holst - Gwyn Parry Jones Aims to Set the Record Straight

The name Gustav Holst is virtually synonymous with the Planets Suite - one of the 20th century's orchestral masterpieces. Yet how many of us are familiar with the huge range of other glorious music he produced?   Or indeed that he for a short time gave composition classes at Reading University?

On Saturday 28 October, Gwyn Parry Jones aims to set the record straight in a study day devoted to exploring the lesser known but equally extraordinary works.  In "Gustav Holst: Beyond the Planets", he will take us through his church music and folk settings, his oriental-inspired suites and some of the finest wind band music ever written.  We will hear extracts from works such as the inspired Hymn of Jesus and the bleak, moody Egdon Heath - and learn to appreciate the harmonic sound world which in many ways anticipated Benjamin Britten.

Holst is often partnered with his great friend Vaughan Williams - and their association was certainly a major factor in creating the English Musical Renaissance.  Yet Holst's mysticism and musicality are quite uniquely him.  In some ways he can be said to have surpassed his famous contemporary, and created music which was ahead of - rather than of - its time.

"Gustav Holst: Beyond the Planets" takes place between 10.00 and 4.00 on 28 October at RISC in London Street, Reading.  The fee is £38.00 per person. Click here for further details and booking.